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Who’s hiding behind our resources?

Discover the manufacturing secrets of these informative and fun teaching tools.

Coming from a family of teachers, Marie-Noëlle WATTIER is an education specialist at heart. She chose to work in educational communications and founded her company LudoDago in 2006. This specialist who remains a child at heart now helps companies and...

Fourteen eighth- and ninth-graders from Frédéric Bazille secondary school in Beaune-la-Rolande in north-central France have started building several small eco-homes for the 2018 C'Génial [It’s Great] contest.

The race for the 2018 C'Génial contest is on! And students from the secondary school's science workshop are determined to make several small eco-homes their ticket to the podium. This eco-civic project gives the budding scientists a chance to study...

A video to explain the green electricity.

A variety of sources are currently used to generate electricity: fossil fuels; nuclear energy; and renewables. Each country uses these sources in varying proportions, giving it its own electricity mix. This video explains that improving this mix is ...
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