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An Educational Contest for Schoolchildren Aged 8 to 11!

As a complement to the educational toolkit launched in 2015, Total Solar Expert designed a contest for schoolchildren aged 8 to 11.

This contest helps schoolchildren understand energy issues, especially those related to solar power. The innovative contest was tailored to the new French curriculum and consolidated learning and application of the basics. Contest Description The con...

A video to explain the green electricity.

A variety of sources are currently used to generate electricity: fossil fuels; nuclear energy; and renewables. Each country uses these sources in varying proportions, giving it its own electricity mix. This video explains that improving this mix is ...

The solar project at the Lycée Français in Santiago, Chile was inaugurated on April 11.

A total of 600 photovoltaic panels covering an area of 2,400 square meters were installed at the school's two campuses.The system will produce around 40% of the power the school uses.It is currently the biggest solar rooftop installed on a school in ...
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