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You would like to discover the Total Solar Expert material but you aren't sure you can use them? You've already used the sets in class and you'd like to talk about it?

Presently, over 15,000 teachers in France and abroad have already ordered and used our sets with their pupils. Check-out what they have to say and don't hesitate to also share your personal experience.

  • Abdelresak B.
    Secondary school
    Sarcelles (95)

    Thank you for your promptness. I created my account and I thank you for this wonderful work that I will set up with my history, mathematics and physics colleagues as part of a crossed work. 

  • Gérard D.
    High school
    Lyon (69)

    A big thank you to Total Solar Expert, as I was able to use this material to convey to pupils in an interesting manner the utility and necessity of energy transition.

  • Antoine V.
    Secondary school
    Bauge (49)

    Thanks for the initiative you've taken allowing us to illustrate our classes and therefore making it easier to motivate young people today on these questions. 

  • Aurore B.
    Elementary school
    Caen (14)

    Thanks for what you've made available, it's easy to use and gives pupils varied learning material.

  • Norma A.
    Secondary school
    Beyrouth (Liban)

    My pupils are going to use this instructive set to build a model for a village of the future in Technology.

  • Patricia B.
    Secondary school
    Paris (75)

    You set was really useful for me and my pupils are currently really motivated by this topical project!

  • Laurent G.
    Secondary school
    Saint Flour (15)

    I congratulate you on your initiative as I find the set really educational and interesting for pupils.

  • Philippe C.
    Secondary school
    Paris (75)

    First off, thanks to your team for having designed this solar set which is very interesting material for my secondary school pupils.
    The film with Camille, Gérard d'Aboville and the various experts were a great hit!

  • Sophie Z.
    High school
    Courtemont-Varennes (02)

    I found the Solarama magazine fun to read. Thanks a lot for inventing it!

  • Gil S.
    High school
    Manosque (04)

    Thanks, I plan to use this set with groups of pupils working on cars running on solar energy. 

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