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This set initiates your secondary school pupils to photovoltaic solar energy in an easy and fun way.

Designed by experts at Total working closely alongside teachers, it is part of the French school curricula, notably for Technology, Physics-Chemistry and Life and Earth Science. 

The Secondary School Total Solar Expert set has no visible trademarks on pupil documents.

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The teaching guide

Available in PDF

This teaching resource identifies the links between the school curriculum and the activity sheets. It suggests educational aids to help teachers explore the subject in greater depth in class or to work on energy transition and sustainable development issues with teachers of other disciplines.

Exists in Spanish 

Activity sheets for students

Available in PDF

Ordered by key theme and subject, these sheets contain a range of illustrated exercises to apply knowledge acquired in class and to develop core skills. To complete them, students will often be required to do in-depth and selective reading of information contained in Solarama magazine.

Exists in Spanish

Film: Discovering Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Available online

A short dynamic and instructive 12-minute film introducing all steps of the photovoltaic value chain. Pupils accompany a young student Camille, a curious reporter, in her discoveries and encounters with various solar players.

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The Solarama magazine

Available in PDF

Dedicated to students, the magazine is mainly focused on photovoltaic solar energy. It addresses growing energy demands, the essential need for both renewable energy and fossil fuels, and present and future environmental challenges. The “Business Discovery” section also provides students with an insight into careers in the sector.

Exits in Spanish 

Practical workshops

Available in PDF

These workshops provide an opportunity to conduct photovoltaic solar energy experiments. They are tutorials for building a photovoltaic house and a USB solar charger.

Exits in Spanish 

Energy role play

Available in PDF

This educational tool enables students to understand sustainable development and environmental challenges. It provides subjects for debate, character cards and “Helios” cards to add excitement to the scenarios.

Exits in Spanish 

Keys to activity sheets

Available in PDF

Intended for teachers, each sheet has keys to exercises as well as expert insights.

Exits in Spanish 


Videos, glossary, computer animations, links…
A very handy tool-box to prepare your classes.

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Abdelresak B. - Secondary school
Thank you for your promptness. I created my account and I thank you for this wonderful work that I will set up with my history, mathematics and physics colleagues as part of a crossed work. 
Antoine V. - Secondary school
Thanks for the initiative you've taken allowing us to illustrate our classes and therefore making it easier to motivate young people today on these questions. 
Norma A. - Secondary school
My pupils are going to use this instructive set to build a model for a village of the future in Technology.
Patricia B. - Secondary school
You set was really useful for me and my pupils are currently really motivated by this topical project!

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