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This set allows you to discuss solar energy and energy issues in a simple and fun manner with your pupils in the last 3 years of high-school. 

Designed by experts, closely alongside teachers, it is part of the French school curricula for general and technical high schools as well as vocational-training high schools.  As it is very comprehensive, it can be used in History-Geography, Science, Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry, Science/Industry and Sustainable Development, Applied Sciences as well as in professional energy-related sectors.

The High School Total Solar Expert set has no visible trademarks on pupil documents. 


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63% of high schools in France since 2013

Film: Discovering Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Available online

A short dynamic and instructive 12-minute film introducing all steps of the photovoltaic value chain. Pupils accompany a young student Camille, a curious reporter, in her discoveries and encounters with various solar players.

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Available in PDF

A 24-page magazine for high school pupils. It discusses various themes such as energy and climate issues, photovoltaic solar energy, sustainable development ... This class material is great for pupils to enhance their documentary research. 

Exists in Spanish


Videos, glossary, computer animations, links…
A very handy tool-box to prepare your classes.

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Gérard D. - High school
A big thank you to Total Solar Expert, as I was able to use this material to convey to pupils in an interesting manner the utility and necessity of energy transition.
Sophie Z. - High school
I found the Solarama magazine fun to read. Thanks a lot for inventing it!
Gil S. - High school
Thanks, I plan to use this set with groups of pupils working on cars running on solar energy. 
Tefa S. - High school
Bravo for your high-quality teaching material! 

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