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This set initiates your elementary school pupils to solar energy while simultaneously reinforcing the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic,...).

Designed by experts working closely alongside teachers, it is part of the French school curriculum by dealing with subjects in a comprehensive manner. 

The Elementary Total Solar Expert set has no visible trademarks on pupil documents.  

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More than 2000 teachers already used the kit in 1 year

The teaching guide

Available in PDF

A facilitator's guide for teachers organized in three parts: a theoretical approach to energy issues and photovoltaic solar energy, learning aids to harness the subject of energy with pupils and tables summarizing all the competencies developed in each pupil sheet.

Exists in Spanish

Pupils activity sheets

Available in PDF

10 activity sheets for your pupils offering a wide variety of illustrated exercises on different themes of the French school curricula.

Multidisciplinary, the sheets can be used in English, mathematics, science, geography, history, civic education and even French classes!

Exists in Spanish

Cartoon: Lucas and Satelli, discovering energy !

Available online

A 4-minute cartoon introduces the theme of energies and notably photovoltaic solar energy. The pupil watches Lucas, an ordinary little boy and Satelli, his photovoltaic friend, in a very "energetic" adventure. Together they discover the various energy types, the solar energy applications and the future perspectives for this renewable energy.

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Cartoon : Lucas and Satelli, picturing the solar power of the future

Available online

A 5-minute cartoon, episode 2 of the adventures of Lucas and Satelli. It was created with the pupils of a class in northeastern France, as part of the educational contest "Les scénaristes du soleil". It invites to reflect on the way in which we will use the solar energy in 50 years.

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Available in PDF

A 4-page magazine created for your pupils which initiates them to the theme of energies and the principles of photovoltaic solar energy using short illustrated articles and informative games.

Exists in Spanish

Experimentation workshops

Available in PDF

Experimentation and visual arts workshops about solar energy. 
Are colors and materials equal under the sun? 
How can you take advantage of the sun's heat?
How to realize a poster on energy savings?

Exists in Spanish

The board game

Available in PDF

Make your way along the energy trail! is a board game inspired by "snakes anladders".

It can be played by the pupils to refresh their knowledge on the different energies. Few ideas for making the counters is also available. 

Exists in Spanish

The keys to pupil activity sheets’ exercises

Available in PDF

The keys to exercises of the 10 activity sheets, exclusively for teachers. 

Exists in Spanish


Videos, glossary, computer animations, links…
A very handy tool-box to prepare your classes.

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Thanks for what you've made available, it's easy to use and gives pupils varied learning material.

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