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To complete the tools provided in the educational kits, we offer resources related to energy issues and solar energy.

Films, visuals, graphics, maps, workshops,...

New resources are added regularly and will allow you to prepare your courses by deepening the knowledge of your students thanks to a variety of supports!

To access all our complementary resources, for free, create an account.

Nos kits pédagogiques sur l'énergie solaire

elementary school secondary school high


Secondary school, High school

In this 12-minute report, Camille is doing research to understand how a ray of sunlight can change into electricity and how this energy can be used today ... 

Lucas and Satelli, discovering energy!

Elementary school

A 4-minute cartoon introducing Lucas, an ordinary little boy and Satelli, his photovoltaic friend. Together they discover the various energy types, the solar energy applications and the future of this renewable energy.

Lucas and Satelli, picturing the solar power of the future

Elementary school

A 5-minute cartoon, episode 2 of the adventures of Lucas and Satelli. With Lili and Satellina, they invite us to reflect on the applications of solar energy in 50 years.


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