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In France, the subject of solar energy is part of the common core of knowledge which all schools (elementary, secondary and high schools) must teach to pupils. Since September 2011, the experts at Total have been developing an educational approach to meet these needs for pupils between 8 and 18 years of age. Baptised the Total Solar Expert, it aims at enhancing the interest of young people to environmental questions, giving them the keys to understanding solar issues.

So, the Total Solar Expert approach proposes educational sets designed alongside voluntary teachers. They are made for teachers of elementary, secondary and high schools to discuss these subjects in a fun and handy manner.

All our material is part of French school curricula, allowing for a comprehensive approach of subjects and exercises:

Elementary school educational set Elementary school educational set

It's intended for elementary school pupils. It can be used by any teachers in any class, depending on the level of the pupils.

High school educational set High school educational set

It's designed for high school pupils in general and technological learning establishments as well as vocational training schools. It can be used in the following classes: science, history-geography and life and earth science for those following the option "Literature" or "Science and Economic" as well as in physics class for those following the "Science" option. For teachers in technological or vocational training schools, there is material and themes which can be taught to pupils studying Science, Industry and Sustainable Development and in professional sectors for energy-related jobs.

Secondary school educational set Secondary school educational set

It's intended for secondary school pupils, proposing activities and exercises to be done in the following classes: mathematics, physics-chemistry, life and earth science and technology.

To be as close as possible to the realities and needs in the educational world, Total Solar Expert nourishes a close relationship with teachers, notably through onsite events such as round tables, occasional talks, satisfaction surveys ... It's also thanks to the network of teachers who have ordered, used and given us feedback regarding these sets that we rigorously pursue our efforts to improve our approach year in year out.

Please don't hesitate to share your experiences to help us improve our material or even to propose new activities!

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